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Customer Knee Testimonial Videos

Overcoming Knee Problems

GLC2000 customers are awesome
Because they don’t have to worry about their knees

My knees used to restrict how often I could train. Since using GLC2000, it’s the muscles that need the recovery, not my knee. (Aaron Holt)

As a physio I recommend this to my clients; a lot of them say ‘it’s like magic’ – joint issues just disappear. (Erin Bonett)

After a run or squatting my knees would feel terrible for days. Now I longer have that problem at all. (Neil Webster)

I tore my cartilage in my knee a couple of years ago – I managed to rehab it and avoid surgery with GLC2000. (Kelly Baker)

Arthritis in my knee meant I struggled to get out of bed. I no longer have that since using GLC2000. (Glen Reid)

My hobbies and sports used to hurt my knees, I’ve noticed a massive difference since using GLC2000. (Benjamin McGahon)

I had to stop doing exercise that included impact on my knees – I can train and compete again with the help of GLC2000. (Jeff Burton)

Since my ACL reconstruction GLC2000 has helped my knee and all my joints feel normal. (Kyle Clark)

I was having a few problem with my knees, but since using GLC2000 I don’t have any joint issues at all. (Chris Gregory)

Your knees shouldn’t hold you back; make a change

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