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6 tips for sore knees

6 tips for sore or Noisy knees

Healthy Knees don’t make a lot of noise and they most definitely shouldn’t be hurting all the time!

Do your knees hurt, creak, pop or generally make noise when you’re going about your business? If so read on…

Normal joints don’t make a lot of noise and the shouldn’t be constantly sore.

It’s easy to ignore your joints popping and creaking; thinking if it’s not painful, it’s not a problem.

But these noisy creaking joints could be a warning sign.

It might not be a problem right now, but these symptoms say a lot about tissue quality, specifically the health of the sliding tissues that are vital for effective movement.

So we’ve put together 6 tips to help you get rid of sore, creaky, unhappy knee joints.

Tip 1

Drink More Water

This REALLY is the simplest and one of the most effective ways to improve how your knees feel.
If your knees aren’t feeling great, start by asking yourself – am I hydrated? Hydration is vital for tissue health, but especially your joints; ie cartilage and connective tissue.

If you’re not sure how much you should be drinking, then a good baseline figure is 30ml per kg of bodyweight. You might need to add some electrolytes through a pinch of sea salt to help with absorption.

This tip is so simple it’s easy to gloss over, BUT PLEASE DON’T as it’s one of the most effective ways to ensure joint tissues stay healthy.

Once you’re drinking enough water, move on to tip 2.

Tip 2

Use A Quality Supplement

Why do these come recommended? BECAUSE THEY WORK.
Physios, physicians and coaches who work with top athletes recommend a good quality glucosamine and chondroitin supplement; because they see on a daily basis what a difference they can make.

When you see something work enough times, it stops becoming coincidence and starts becomes science.

Both of these ingredients are actively absorbed and used by the they body, and help to draw water into cartilage and connective tissues to aid hydration. This can improve surfaces that get broken down through daily repetitive movements, both in and outside the gym.

Some people also report less inflammation of supporting tendons and ligaments, and a reduction in overall soreness.

It’s worth using a joint supplement if you get ONLY ONE of these benefits, but what if you get them ALL?

Now you’re hydrating and nourishing your joint tissues, let’s take a look at the some mobility exercises to help create a bit of slack in the system around your knee joint…

Tip 3

Top of Knee Mobilisation

This exercise works to improve knee position and reduce pain by opening up the area directly above your kneecap.

Let’s get started

Place a lacrosse ball into the area just above your kneecap on the inside of your leg, then apply some pressure.

Start to slowly move the ball from the inside of your leg towards the outside to loosen the fascia.

If you find a stiff or sore area, tac and stretch by curling your knee towards your bum a few times.

Tip 4

Couch Stretch

A simple and effective (definitely not painless) way to reclaim ROM and reduce stiffness in your quads and front of hips is the couch stretch.

Are you ready?

On your hands and knees, back your feet up to a wall, box or side of your sofa.

Slide your left leg back, driving your knee into the corner and positioning your left shin and foot flat against the wall.

Squeeze your left glute (bum cheek) to stabilise your lower back, put your right foot in a lunge position. Keeping your right shin vertical.

Still squeezing your left glute, push your hips towards the ground. Keep this up for a minute.

Then begin to lift your torso into an upright position.

If you struggle for stability use a chair to support yourself. If you’re tight, be sure not to overextend your back to try and get into the correct position.

Tip 5

Back of Knee Mobilisation

When it comes to knee issues, mobilising the high calf and the hamstring is often overlooked.

This mobilisation will hit upstream and downstream of the rear of the knee where the hamstring and calf cross the joint.

Grab your ball again

To do this we need to sandwich a lacrosse ball behind your knee – this is either on the inside or the outside (we’d recommend doing both) – creating a large compression force that can target specific trigger points.

Position a lacrosse ball behind your knee on the inside (or outside) of your leg.

Pull your heel towards your bum, and use both your hands to pull your shin in tight. This will target your high calf and the lower part of your hamstring.

Now you can start to move your foot in different directions to target specific parts of the calf. You should still be pulling hard with your hands.

Tip 6

Knee Joint Stretch

This stretch helps create space behind the knee, plus allows the synovial fluid in the knee capsule to lubricate cartilage and connective tissue. It also stretches the ligaments and tendons around the kneecaps and promotes blood flow and healing.

Get stretching

First, roll up a small hand towel and place it behind your knee.

Grab your shin and pull your heel towards your bum. Then begin to scoot your bum towards your foot, creating as much pressure as you can.

Try and keep your foot straight whilst gradually increasing and then decreasing the pressure.

Time to get serious about sorting your knees

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