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6 Tips for pain free knees


How to put nagging knee pain behind you for good

If you’re not drinking enough water then they’ll be stiff, weak and won’t be able to repair effectively.
Your body naturally makes glucosamine and chondroitin to keep your joints healthy, but does this more slowly as you age. This is why it takes your joints longer to heal from day to day wear and tear. If this is the case a joint supplement may help.
Regular movement improves blood flow helping to provide nutrients and get rid of damaged tissue. Rest too much and risk
This is a BIG red flag. Movements, exercises or training sessions that leave your knees feeling horrible for days are doing more harm than good to your joints and connective tissue. Find less destructive ways to train until your knees are pain free - then you can start to reintroduce.
All the time. Not just when you're injured! But you don’t need to spend hours a day stretching and mobilising. 15 minutes a day of targeted mobility work should be enough. [sign up for knee health tips inc mobility exercises]
Especially with painkillers such as ibuprofen. These actually weaken joint and connective tissue and make them slower to heal. Try and nourish and strengthen underlying tissues with hydration, nutrition and a good quality joint supplement to give your body exactly what it needs to repair and stay pain free.

If stretching ALONE was the answer, then no one would be suffering with knee pain.

It’s time to reframe how we think about our knees – our muscles need protein and our joints and connective tissues need glucosamine and chondroitin to maintain function.

Fix Knee Pain GLC2000

Do you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle with your knees?

The whole idea behind GLC2000 is to get to the route cause of sore joints. Providing key nutrients that your body uses to naturally heal damaged joint and connective tissues.

We know that recovery gets tougher as you age. Regularly feeling creaky and stiff, taking longer to recover can take the fun out of training and impact your life in general.

Our aim is to provide a research back patented joint formula to give your body the right stuff, consistently and in the right quantities so you can repair, heal and recover like you did once upon a time.

We’re happy to say that joint pain doesn’t need to be the life sentence it once was. So now you don’t have to miss out on doing what you love!

SAMANTHA BRIGGS plus other top CF masters athletes rely on GLC2000!

GLC2000 is an innovation in joint care. Focussing on foundational ingredients for joint and connective tissue health, GLC2000’s proven formulation remains unchanged for 20 years ago. There’s one reason for this, BECAUSE GLC2000 WORKS!

Sam says ‘Months after a serious knee injury I was still struggling to train and recover effectively. I couldn’t squat or run without my knee swelling and aching for days. I tried every supplement I was recommended, as well as regularly working with my physio and coach. It was so frustrating – nothing was helping!’

‘Then I heard about GLC2000. Within a week or so I felt a difference in how I was moving whilst training, and the discomfort I was used to after a session reduced massively.’

‘I ramped up my training volume and intensity and my knee was not only handling it – but actually feeling better after every session. GLC2000 made a huge difference for me in such as short space of time’

Without the right nutrients you are basically fighting a losing battle for your joint health.

GLC2000 glucosamine

Our effective 3 step plan ensures GLC2000 is greater than glucosamine and any other joint formula

1 PROVEN FORMULA – Quality by design. Setting us apart

Maximum Absorption
More nutrients reach your joints
Providing your body with everything it needs to heal naturally
Solve the root cause of stiff, sore, painful knees

Unique GLC2000 formula earnt a patent from the FDA. It was clinically proven to significantly improve absorption of key nutrients. So more will reach your joint and connective tissues.

2 EFFECTIVE STRATEGY – Simple Steps. Big Benefits

Over 20 years of experience we’ve found that a great product is only the beginning. To get the results we expect, we know you need the right amount of active ingredients AND a consistent supply, so your body has what it needs to naturally repair damaged joint tissue. We do this with:

Tailored Dosing: Making sure the right amount of active ingredients reach your joint & connective tissues at the right time.
2x Industry Standard: Joints and connective tissues are among the slowest to heal in the body.

Consistency is key – that’s why GLC2000 comes in a 60 day supply*. So each tub lasts long enough so you feel a difference in your knees.

3 GUIDING PRINCIPLES – Engineered to exact specifications; for repeatable results

We ensure every capsule is the same:

Good Manufacturing Practice Certification
Independent 3rd party testing
Informed Sport batch testing

Good Manufacturing Practice Logo

The amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin were significantly different from the label claim in some products, some were as low as 0%. More than half of the supplements tested did not meet label claims, cheap supplements performed worse but price did guarantee high quality. Analysis of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate Content in Marketed Products; Adebowale et al At GLC2000 we hold ourselves to the highest standards and do more testing than any other joint supplement. To ensure every capsule meets our exact formula - so you get results.

96 reviews 4.95 out of 5

“I love Crossfit, but my shoulders do not! I’ve been taking GLC2000 for 4 weeks now and can only say I am blown away by the results.”
– Joe M, crossfitter and GLC2000 customer


If your sore shoulder is why your sleep sucks, why your HSPUs feel horrible or your pull-ups are painful; maybe it’s time to invest in your shoulder health with GLC2000.


GLC2000 has been supporting the joints of Crossfitters in the UK since 2012 – helping UK Games athletes, top coaches and average Crossfitters deal with injuries and help them bounce back so they can do what they love.


A patented joint health supplement, designed to provide your body with key nutrients so you can forget about your shoulder and start to enjoy your training again.

GLC2000 risk free certificate

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