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17.5 Mobility Guide

Mobility to Reduce Your Fatigue During High Rep Double Unders & Thrusters
Open workout 17.5 brings together a couplet of 2 classic Crossfit movements. It’s no surprise to see either of these movements, but the rep scheme is a little unusual. 
Neither the 9 thrusters nor the 35 double unders are particularly taxing on their own – but over the course of 10 rounds fatigue will set in and start to highlight any limitations in your mobility.

Better Movement From Overhead Down To Your Toes

To prepare for this workout you should spend some time mobilising your lower leg, improving ankle range of motion will increase efficiency in the thrusters and the double unders. We will also take some time to open the hips and look at some techniques to loosen off the rotator cuff to improve your overhead positioning.
Check out this 5 and a half minute video to increase your thruster and double under stamina and finish the Crossfit Open strong:
Thanks to Hat Hewitt of MAP Rehab & Crossfit Watford

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