“10 Reasons Why I Take GLC2000 Daily For My Joints and Recommend It To My Athletes Too!”

David Long
Crossfit Cirencester – Head Coach

Are you fighting a losing battle with your joints?

You’ve always been a hard worker. You’ve pushed yourself to the limit in the gym and in life. You never let your joints slow you down. If you ever felt sore, you iced it or popped a pill. But then something changed. Your joints started to protest more and more. And now you’re dealing with chronic discomfort that affects your performance and your happiness. You can’t do the things you love anymore. Squats feel awful… Your pullups are non-existent… And those abs are becoming a distant memory…

But what if there was a way to get back in the game…

And I’m not just saying this. I’m living it. I use GLC2000 every day to support my joint health and comfort. I’m a CrossFit coach and a masters athlete. I know what it’s like to train hard and feel the consequences. But GLC2000 helps me enjoy my training and use my fitness outside the gym! 

Not only that – I personally know 100’s of other Coaches and Crossfitters all over the UK who swear by GLC2000.

So, let me tell you 10 reasons why GLC2000 is the best thing you can do for your joints and why you should give it a shot:

1. It Gets You Back Training

GLC2000 was made to bring back the strength, mobility and comfort of your joints to a place where you can start enjoying training again

GLC2000 is about getting you moving well, training often and excited to see what your body is capable of everyday! I went from not being able to run 200m without needing to ice my knees for days to completing an ultra marathon within a few tubs of GLC2000 use.

2. It’s About Dealing With The Underlying Problem

Mobility, rest and even ice might provide some short term relief but they aren’t getting to the root of the problem.

GLC2000 is a different approach to joint comfort. It builds a strong foundation rather than just targeting symptoms. It provides high strength building blocks that mimic those naturally occurring in joint and connective tissue. So your body has what it needs to maximise joint comfort.

3. It Gets Working Fast – And Keeps Going!

When I started using GLC2000 I noticed a difference in less than 2 weeks. Crossfit movements felt smoother, there were no more sharp pains when I ran and I no longer needed days to recover between sessions. It wasn’t long before my confidence increased and I was back enjoying training again. Without the overnight aches I was sleeping better and I had more energy in the gym and in my day to day life. Taking GLC2000 was a huge turning point for me.

4. It’s Joint Supplementation Done Properly

I’d tried other joint supplements in the past – and could never really tell if they were working. I was shocked to learn that more than 8 out of every 10 joint supplements don’t match the ingredients on the label

Some even have less than 10% of the active ingredients they should.

And if you think that I’m just talking about cheap own brand supplements? Nope!

The scientists tested well known high street brands and premium products as well. They were no better. It makes total sense that I couldn’t feel those supplements working! Every tub of GLC2000 independently tested so I know it’s working for me and I’m happy to recommend it to gym members I see everyday.

5. It’s Unique

Most joint supplements contain glucosamine and chondroitin for good reason – they’re crucial building blocks naturally found in your joints. The older you get the less of these your body makes. It’s the lack of glucosamine and chondroitin that causes most joint problems to start.

To help with this GLC2000 uses a breakthrough combination of all 4 bioavailable glucosamines, the lowest molecular weight chondroitin and other important natural enzymes in it’s unique formula. This increases your body’s ability to absorb and use these vital building blocks. The more glucosamine and chondroitin your body can absorb the stronger your joints become.

6. It’s 12x More Effective

Did you know that joints thrive when they’ve got a consistent supply of glucosamine and chondroitin? In your 20’s your body supplys your joints with both of these vital nutrients 24 hrs a day.

GLC2000 is so effective because it mimics this process and delivers these vital nutrients to your joints around the clock.

If you’ve ever taken a standard glucosamine supplement it only works for 1-2 hours. Whereas GLC2000 is proven to nourish your joints 24 hrs a day. So your joints have a consistent supply of high quality building blocks to fight daily wear and tear – for round the clock joint support.

7. It Has Personalised Dosing

In Crossfit we use scaling to make sure athletes of different sizes, strengths and abilities get the right stimulus from their training.

People are different. So it always confused me why every other joint supplement only had a one size fits all serving suggestion. That just wouldn’t be effective for most people. GLC2000 gets results by tailoring how much you use to your body weight and activity level.

GLC2000 uses research backed tailored dosing to make sure people of different sizes get the right amount of active ingredients to get results for them. It never made sense to me that 50kg person and 120kg person would get the same benefit from the same serving of a supplement. It is a sensible approach that they’ve taken the time to clinically research for their unique formulation. Which sets them apart from the zero effort, one size fits all approach of every other supplement on the market.

8. It’s Patented

GLC2000 isn’t just unique – it’s patented. Clinically proven to provide superior absorption of active ingredients than other joint formulas. Why does this absorption matter? Well it means that more of those joint supporting vital nutrients that are packed into each capsule of GLC2000 will reach your needy joints. So if you hear that something is similar to GLC2000 – just know it’s going to be nowhere near as effective.

9. It’s Independently Quality Tested

When you’ve got a patented formula that outperforms every supplement on the market – you make sure that every capsule matches that formula exactly.

GLC2000 uses the most pure ingredients, is manufactured to the highest specification in a purpose built facility and has 4 layers of independent testing.

GLC2000 sets itself apart from the 8 out 10 supplements that don’t even match their own generic label.

10. It Comes From A Trusted Source

What’s great about GLC2000 is that it’s not one of hundreds of supplements. It’s THE supplement. They’ve examined the science to create an unrivaled way to maximise joint comfort for crossfitters. And make sure that everything is done to ensure those results. 

They do this by only using vetted suppliers for pharma grade ingredients. The product is then crafted in small batches in a purpose built GMP approved manufacturing facility that adheres to the most stringent manufacturing practices. The finished product is independently tested to ensure it matches the label exactly. And each batch is Informed Sport certified to ensure it’s Safe For Athletes; Effective For All.

So If you want results for your joints and care about what you put in your body – then GLC2000 is the only supplement I can recommend.

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